Salmon Barbecue Festival

61st Annual

Salmon Barbecue 


August 25, 26 & 27, 2017


Featured Caller - Tom Miller from Pennsylvania

Tom Miller lives with his two daughters in a small community in western Pennsylvania. He is a full time modern western square dance caller who
 has turned his favorite hobby into a full-time operation. Tom calls the CALLERLAB list, Mainstream through C-1.

Tom has traveled throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe, averaging 50 thousand miles per year. He works locally calling for the Killbuck Squares of Patton, an A-2/C-1 club in State College, and
Thinking Caps DBD group in Altoona.

Tom has recorded for Lou Mac Records, Kalox Records, Eureka Records,
Hi Hat Records, and is currently recording with ESP Records. He is a member of CALLERLAB and serves on the Board of Governors.

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Featured Cuer - John Downing from 
                     San Diego, California

John and Fran Downing began square dancing in the summer of 1977 in the Los Angeles area (where they were raised). The following January (1978) found the two of them in round dance lessons. John started cueing later that year and they taught their first class in January 1979. They fell in love with round dancing when first introduced and being young didn’t hurt either. Not long after, they joined ROUNDALAB. They continued to dance and teach in Southern California and along the way had two daughters (who also dance). 

They have participated in numerous weekends and festivals over the years along with eight square dance cruises. John and Fran have attended several National Conventions and worked as round dance Chairman of the Day for the 1988 Convention in Anaheim and Assistant Services for the 2012 National here in Spokane. 

In early 1994, because of a job change, John and Fran moved to Florida and spent ten years there before moving to the Spokane area in 2004. Eventually, both daughters ended up back in California. Missing their daughters, they sadly left Spokane to move back to California in the Spring of 2015 to be with the rest of the family. They continue to dance and cue in San Diego and look forward to seeing dear friends a the BBQ this year.

There will be a set up day August 24th for the barbecue. The shelters need to be put up and the tables need to be moved. The eating tables need to be arranged. Supplies needs to be taken out of the office and moved to the kitchen. 

Western Dance Center  - Sullivan Park
1901 North Sullivan Road, Spokane Valley WA
Exit 291-B off I-90 then North 

Thursday - August 24 - Trails in Dance - $7.00 per person
                                         Not part of the weekend package
 Plus 7 pm - Mainstream 8 pm 
                                   Dan Preedy calling and John Downing cueing
                                     Finger  Food Appreciated

Friday - August 25 - Featured Caller and Cuer - $10.00 per person
                                  Rounds 7:15 pm - Mainstream 8 pm with rounds
                                  Refreshments Furnished

Saturday - August 26 - Intermediate Round Dance - Phase II, III & IV
                                     10 am to noon -  $6 per person 

                                      Plus Dance with Phase III rounds
                                      2  to 4 pm - $6 per person

                                      Advanced Dance
                                      4  to 4:30 pm

                                      Rounds - 7:15 pm  
                                      Grand March - 7:45 pm
                                      HALL OF FAME PRESENTATION
                                      Mainstream 8 pm with rounds
$10.00 per person
                                      Refreshments Furnished 

Sunday - August 27 - SALMON BARBECUE DINNER - Noon to 4 pm                                        
                  Adult  $12                                
                                         Senior (65+)  $10                               
                                                                          Children (12-)  $8

                    Afternoon Dance - All callers and cuers
                                     noon to 2 pm - Mainstream
                                     2  to 3 pm - Entertainment
                                     3 to 4 pm - Mainstream

Cropped BBQ

Future - 2018 will be August 24, 25 & 26.
                          Wade Driver calling and Doug Dodge cueing
                  Trails In - August 23 - Doug Davis calling & Justine Litzko cueing

              2019 will be August 23, 24, & 25.
                                Joe Saltel calling and Peter Gomez cueing

               2020 will be August 27, 28 & 29
                                 Jet Roberts calling

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