Roundup Workshop


Tuesdays - All year 
     7:30 Intermediate & Advanced Rounds
Hearing Enhanced

Western Dance Center, 1901 N Sullivan Rd,    
                              Spokane Valley, WA

Cuer / Teacher - Jack DeChenne 

President - Bob & Deb Gruber - 509-981-2274 -
Vice President - Jeff & Kari Anderson - 208-664-4001 -

No Dance on October 31

Class - Phase III Waltz to Phase V   
                  Starts October 3, - Tuesday - 7:30 pm

Weekly emails are sent to attending dancers to advise schedule changes.  

This is a phase III-V lesson format from October through May; rhythms change at the beginning of each season.

From June through September, we meet to practice learned figures and dances, phases III-VI.

 Spokane Area Council, Spokane, Washington