Party Dances

Winter Level Party Dances 


For new dancers who started in January.
         Autumn Level Dancers are welcome
         & encouraged to attend & bring friends.

NSDC = North Spokane Dance Center - 7424 North Freya Street, Spokane

April 28 - Saturday - 8 to 10 pm - NSDC - Don McPeak - 
                                                      Our Favorite Sport

Diamond Squares will be hosting  

Mainstream Funshop - ALL Summer

      on Mondays at 7:15 pm

The perfect place for the new dancer who wants to get some more floor time. 

The perfect place for the old dancer who doesnt want to sit on their  ______ recliner when they could be dancing.

The pines and the proximity of the river keep the WDC cool all summer long. We open all the doors and let the valley breezes sneak through while we are  dancing.

For more information call Dave & Karen at 509-489-4498 or

 Absolutely NO peanuts at any function

 Spokane Area Council, Spokane, Washington - SpokaneSquares@icloudcom - 509-489-4492