Beginner Square Dance Lessons  

Cheney City Hall - 609 Second Street, Cheney WA 99004

 January 10, - Wednesdays - 7:00 pm - Adam Christman  - 509-235-6066 
                                                                    Cheney Hi Flyers

Harding Center -  411 North 15th St., Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814

North Spokane Dance Center - 7424 N. Freya, Spokane WA  

January 10, - Wednesday - 7 pm - Vern Boggs - 509-993-1944 
                                                                          Model T Squares                                    

Western Dance Center - 1901 N. Sullivan, Spokane Valley WA 

January 8, - Monday - 7:15 pm - Bob Amsbury - 509-328-5175 -
                                                                              Diamond Squares 

January 11, - Thursday - 7 pm - Doug Davis & Adam Christman
                                              509-979-2612 - Valley Cross Trailers

Edgemere Grange - 3273 Bandy Road, Priest River ID

Twin City Square Dance Center - 2130 5th Ave., Clarkston WA 

Reardan Middle School - 250 South Aspen, Reardan WA

Fridays - 6:30 pm - Patrick McKinney - 509-448-7813 - Rubes & Rubies

Round Dance Lessons

Western Dance Center - 1901 N. Sullivan, Spokane Valley WA

East Spokane Grange - 1621 North Park Road, Spokane WA

Round Dance Workshop 

Western Dance Center - 1901 N. Sullivan, Spokane Valley WA

Square Dance Plus Lessons

Harding Center -  411 North 15th, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814

Square Dance Workshops

East Spokane Grange - 1621 North Park Road, Spokane WA

Tuesdays - 7 pm - Adam Christman & Doug Davis - 208-772-7173 

Western Dance Center - 1901 N. Sullivan, Spokane Valley WA

Wednesdays - 8:30 pm - Plus Brush Up (after MS lessons)
                             Dan Preedy - 509-768-6450   -   

North Spokane Dance Center - 7424 N. Freya, Spokane WA

Mondays - 6:30 pm - Advanced Workshop - Dan Preedy -

Mondays - 8 pm - Plus Lessons - Dan Preedy - 509-270-9264            

 WARNING    Very Contagious 


Cause: Usually caused by exposure to Hoedown recordings.

Symptoms: Absent minded tapping of the floor with foot. 

Mumbling meaningless phrases such as “Allemand left with the old left hand” and “Do-si-do with the gent you know”. 

Constant need for a babysitter. 

Dressing weird costumes and imitation cowboy style.

                                           No Known Cure

Treatment: Medication is useless. Disease is not fatal. In fact it has been shown to prolong life. Play Hoedown recordings for soothing effect. Victim should go square dancing as often as possible.

S.D. Caller, Dept. of Public Health

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Dancing is a fun activity that everyone can enjoy. You will meet new friends, learn new dancing steps, enjoy great music, and benefit from a healthy activity. People from every walk of life are involved in square dancing, round dancing, line dancing and/or clogging. 

You may only want to do one, two, or all four forms of dancing. Not only are there twenty six (26) clubs and associations with which to dance in the Inland Empire, but there are clubs throughout the United States and many countries overseas. All the square dancing is in English worldwide.

Come and enjoy making new friends. You will meet others with whom you share other interests besides dancing. You may even find new interests that you may want to develop. Dr. Daniel G. Amen states that making positive social connections is an important way to maintaining a healthy brain.

Learn how to dance. You may already know some or many of the steps taught in the various forms of dance.  There are a variety of levels in all the types of dancing. Thus, you may choose to learn new and more difficult steps, or you may choose to dance at the basic level. You choose - it's up to you.

Enjoy great music. A wide variety of music is used. The music played is from the past or present, some or many which you may recognize. In addition new music may be added. The forms of music cover a wide range from standards, to country, to musicals, to pop, or to movies.

Dancing is a healthy activity. There is a lot of research that tells us that dancing is healthy for us in many ways. First, dancing makes you smarter. Second, dancing will add ten years to your life. Third, dancing exercises the body and the mind at the same time. Finally, dancing helps prevent Alzheimer's. 

What is Square Dancing?

What is Round Dancing?

What is Clogging?

What is Line Dancing?

Dance for Your Health

 Spokane Area Council, Spokane, Washington - SpokaneSquares@icloudcom - 509-489-4492