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A wonderful time was had by those of us who attended the National Square Dance Convention in Des Moines. The facility was great for our purpose, the sound was very good through out the building. The line up of talented callers was impressive. We got to dance with people from all over including China and Denmark.

The minutes of the SAC General Meetings are now under the Council information tab. They are the third item on the pull down list. Please use the Contact Form for any additions or corrections to the May 1st General Meeting.


The fabric is in for 2017 State Festival. Contact Diane Hartley 509-475-3031. It looks just like this picture. The biggest balloons are about 4 inches high. The price is $7.50 per yard. 100% cotton. This is very nice fabric and does not wrinkle much. You can use al little or as much of the fabric as you wish in any style outfit.

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SAC General Meeting
September 11 - Sunday - 3 pm at the WDC

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