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The fabric is in for 2017 State Festival. Contact Diane Hartley 509-475-3031 or Karen Reichardt 509-489-4492. It looks just like this picture. The biggest balloons are about 4 inches high. The price is $7.50 per yard. 100% cotton. This is very nice fabric and does not wrinkle much. There is more on the way. You can use al little or as much of the fabric as you wish in any style outfit.

Benefits of Square Dance License Plates

Several years ago, while attending an Aqua Sox ball game for square dance promotion, our car was stolen. When we made our report to the police we were advised that we would probably never see our car again as Honda Accords were the most common car stolen and it was probably on it's way to another state. A week or so later we were called to come pick up our car. It seems that an observant gentleman noticed the square dance license plate and felt that the two young men he saw exit the car were probably not square dancers. He contacted the police to see if perhaps it might be a stolen vehicle. The young men in question were caught in the process of burglarizing a nearby apartment.

In January of this year a friends vehicle was stolen and returned to him 20 days later after a traffic enforcement officer in the Capital Hill area of Seattle noticed a parked vehicle with square dance license plates. He knew that he had not seen that vehicle in the area before so just on a whim checked the stolen vehicle register.

There is more then one reason to have square dance license plates!

Charlotte Wixon

Dudes & Dolls Square Dance Club of Lynnwood,

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