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Experienced Clothing Sale
North Spokane Dance Center

Saturday, November 19, 2 pm to 4 pm

No cost to take a table and sell your own stuff.

Money from donated clothing willbenefitthe NSDC.

Questions - Karen 509-489-4492

Club Member Responsibilities

  1. Be socially clean, courteous and pleasant. Wear your badge at all Club functions.

  2. Arrive at the club early and be ready to dance the first tip.Form your squares promptly, and welcome anyone who joins the set. Introduce yourself before the tip starts.

  3. Share dance time - don’t be exclusive - no cliques. Never walk through a square or leave a square. Join the nearest square that is forming.

  4. Volunteer to perform Club functions without having to be asked.Serve in positions of responsibility - it’s your duty to help. It is "your" club and surely you want the "best.” Become a Club officer or committee member.Assist the leaders in the set up and clean up of the dance hall.Participate in all club visitations, exhibitions, charity activities and other functions.

  5. Introduce yourself to visitors and guests - make them feel welcome and want to visit your Club again.Be tolerant and polite to new dancers and senior dancers.Accept help from others and be helpful to others.Guide - do not shove, push or jerk.

  6. End each tip with a flourish, applause and thanks to all in the set and the caller - and mean it.

  7. Stay for the entire dance if possible - dance the first and last tip - this honors your Caller, Club officers and fellow dancers.

Spokane Area Council

General Meeting
will be at
3:30pm at the
North Spokane Dance Center
November 13 - Sunday

Future Meetings

SAC General Meeting
November 13 - Sunday - 3:30 pm at the NSDC
January 8, 2017 - Sunday - 3 pm at the NSDC
March 12 - Sunday - 3 pm at the NSDC
May 7 - Sunday - 3 pm at the NSDC
September 10 - 3 pm at the NSDC

SAC Board Meeting
December 11 - Sunday - 3 pm at the NSDC

NSDC Meeting
December 20 - Tuesday - 6 pm at the NSDC

2017 State Festival Meeting
November 6 - Sunday 2 pm at the NSDC December 3 - Saturday 2 pm at the NSDC

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