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A major highlight of the Heritage Center is the doll case. The dolls are dressed in outfits representing each year of the Washington State Festival. These tiny clothes were lovingly made by Beth Barnes. Her sewing expertise is evident in the attention to detail. Even if you did not attend the festival you may recognize the outfits as ones worn my many dancers around the state.

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Two of the dolls are not with their friends. They are the dolls from the 2012 National Square Dance Convention in Spokane. They are in the 2012 case with other memorabilia from that epic event. Thelady'sskirt was designed by Beth Barnes. This simple but striking design was an attention getter when we wereadvertising at the prior conventions. The men’s shirt was designed by Don Pruitt. He wanted something that went with thelady's skirt and was different than other western shirts.

When attending a dance at the NSDC ask to have the Heritage Centeropened so you can look at these special dolls and the many other items displayed there.

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