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For the bus to CdA please have your $15 ready when you get on the bus or get it to Judy sooner. Also, give her the cell phone number of at least one person in your group incase we get separated. jdottoson1@msn.com

Dancers   Needed

We need a square or more of dancers for a demo dance  on June 2 - Friday at 6:30 pm

Spokane Faith Center - 3330 W. Central Ave.

This is a 'Chuckwagon' themed dinner to raise funds for their youth mission. We will be doing a basic first night type of demo dance.

The first 8 dancers to contact me get a

Karen 509-489-4492

The May State Federation Meeting was held in the beautiful Twin City Square and Round Dance Center. Many of those in attendance had not been to this jewel of a dance hall before. The floor is beautiful, the sound is perfect and the building is very well designed. Everyone enjoyed the dances and getting to know fellow dancers from across the state. There were many topics of discussion in our meeting and we have more work to do on some of the ideas that were presented. 

Some people ask, "Why do we have to change the bylaws or the Standing Rules? They worked well enough 10 years ago." There have been many changes in federal and state law concerning non-profit organizations and we have to change to meet these new requirements. If we do not keep moving forward and conform to these new regulations we could loose our tax exempt status and create other legal tangles. 

State Federation Meetings make sure we are all on the same page and are fully aware of the new changes. A variety of opinions and view points result in changes of plans and adaptation of new ideas. Disagreement is not always a bad thing. From there we can look at all sides of the question and make the best choices for our future.

Dance on the Water Bus Trip - June 14

Judy has reserved a big bus to take us to the ship & bring us back.

 The cost will be $15 per person.

Board the bus at 4 pm at the NSDC with a stop at WDC.

Arrive at the pier at 5 pm. The ship begins boarding at 5:30 pm.

The bus will be waiting for us when the boat gets back. 

It is only a three hour cruise.

If you are interested contact
Judy Ottoson - jdottoson1@msn.com


Future Meetings 

SAC General Meeting 
September 10 - Sunday - 3 pm at the NSDC

SAC Board Meeting 
June 11 - Sunday - 3 pm at the NSDC

NSDA General Meeting 

2017 State Festival Meeting   

WDC Trustees Meeting
January 2018

State Federation Meeting

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       NO PEANUTS 

        at any function. 

At least three of our dancers have severe life threatening allergies to peanuts. These allergies could cause them to stop breathing. 

The peanut oil on your hand after you ate a cookie could cause them to have a reaction. Peanut dust in the air from opening a can of peanuts can result in respiratory problems. 

It really is that dangerous. These dancers and their families will not be able to travel to other clubs unless we all ban peanuts from our halls.

 Spokane Area Council, Spokane, Washington