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Dancers Needed for the Caller’s School - 

Tuesday August 21 and Thursday August 22 from 6 to 9 pm.

Contact Dan Preedy if you would like to volunteer. 509-238-5009

The Mission of the Spokane Area Council

1. To promote a spirit of friendship & tolerance among  
      people through dance & fellowship;

2. to assist in the formation & development of square, round & folk dance groups;

3. to represent square, round & folk dancing activities as wholesome & recreational to the highest standard;

4. to promote square, round & folk dancing functions to the general public.

PressReader - The Denver Post: 2018-08-09 -

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Demo Dances

All demo dances are casual or fluffy. Remember to smile while dancing. New dancers encouraged.
For info Karen 509-489-4492 or SpokaneSquares@icloud.com 

September 12 - Wednesday - 6:30
Spokane Interstate Fair - Rob Krum calling 
Let Karen know if you want to do this dance so she can reserve your free tickets. You can come early or stay late and enjoy the Fair.

September 14 - Friday - 3:30 
NorthTown Mall - Than Peake Calling
Don’t know exactly where in the mall yet. Lots of free parking and a chance to have a table for advertising. Stay tuned for more information. 

October 13 - Saturday - 1 pm
Downtown Fall Festival
Bob Amsbury Calling
We have been invited by the Downtown Partnership to hold a 'Street Dance' right in front of the Skate Ribbon. We will be doing a little demo and then getting people from the audience to dance with us. This is great advertising. There will be a lot of stuff going on - vendors in the park & bands playing.

Salmon BBQ Set Up

Thursday - August 23 - 8 am



                    NO PEANUTS 

                    at any function. 

At least three of our dancers have severe, life threatening, allergies to peanuts. These allergies could cause them to stop breathing. 

The peanut oil on your hand after you ate a cookie could cause them to have a reaction. Peanut dust in the air from opening a can of peanuts can result in respiratory problems. 

It really is that dangerous. These dancers and their families will not be able to travel to other clubs unless we all ban peanuts from our halls.

 Spokane Area Council, Spokane, Washington - SpokaneSquares@icloudcom - 509-489-4492